Capt-all Capture and Recycling w

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eco100 and Capt-all Amalgam recycling

  • The eco100 Capt-all products is a unique patent pending system for amalgam separation and recycling. This method is the only "per patient" procedure which allows for a cleaner, safer procedure for the dental professional. This also provides a more effective protocol for tracking the amalgam removal per patient and per dental office all the way to the mercury recycling facility.
  • The per unit Capt-all HVE tip can also be recorded in the patient's chart for for an elected billing fee for amalgam removal, and the piece of mind that the material was handled responsibly.
  • The single use Capt-all HVE tip will be placed in the pre-paid Mail-Back Container. These container comply with UN/DOT transportation and are sent to a facility for processing.
  • The eco100 facility meets the ANSI/ADA specification 109 and meets local State (ADEM) requirements.
  • All the materials used are recycled and the eco100 facility is literally next door to a plastic and cardboard recycling company. The amalgam waste is removed and sent bulk in a UN/DOT container to the mercury removal plant. Again, the waste is accounted for from the dental office the final mercury recycling plant for responsible treatment.